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Classic Arch

Classic Arch

The Classic Arch is a timeless statement piece perfect to showcase a variety of flowers types.

The Classic Arch is $400.00 and stands at 13cmW X 21xmH upto 5cm Deep

The Classic Medium is $500.00 and stands at 15cmW x 23cmH, upto 7cm Deep

The Classic Large is $600.00 and stands at 16cmW x 26.5cmH, upto 7cm Deep

All Resin arches come with complimentary vinyl printing of details such as names and dates upon request.

Resin pieces are finished off with an A grade uv resistant epoxy finish coat to aid in preventing future ambering of the piece.

  • Resin

    Resin is a chemical and when working with such products it is wise to know that chemicals can react with natural substances like flowers, resin can experience but not limited to: flower bruising, colour change, heat spike, minor imperfections. Every piece is handmade and is unique. All steps are in place to minimize or prevent this from happening but are dependant on chemicals previously sprayed on flowers prior to casting commencing.


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