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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to preserve my bouquet?

Bouquet preservation takes anywhere from 1-5 months to complete. This depends on the type of flowers used and method of preservation requested, along with order quantitys. 


Will my frame last forever?

The lifespan of framework will vary from bouquet to bouquet. Flowers will last years to decades and are dependent on the type of flower used, environmental factors and chemical history the flowers were pre-exposed to prior to Florists buying them. Over the years frames will change colour, often turning into vintage hues, some flowers will darken whilst others will loose their pigment. Preserving flowers slows down the ageing process, but they will eventually change at some point in time. Each change gives new life and look and is a cherished sentiment to have at every stage of its life. Shadow box frames may loose petals overtime, again adding rustic charm as the years go by.

Procedures are in place to help the longevity of every frame made.


Will my flowers look the same in resin?

Once flowers are fully preserved and set in resin your flowers will look similar to that of when they were fresh, however, in some circumstances the flowers can change colour or shape and is dependent on their condition prior to receiving them. When working with resin, it is a chemical which can react with natural substances resulting in slight colour change, petal bruising, resin swirls or small imperfections. Each piece is unique and no two pieces are the same.


When do you need the flowers?

For ideal preservations, it’s ideal to have the flowers delivered to me 1-2 days post event. 

No later than 4 days. Flowers that are past the 4 day mark may not survive the preservation process.


Can i post my flowers to you?

Yes, you can, but they need to be priority shipped/overnight delivery for optimal preservation to occur.


Where are you located?

We are nestled in the base of the Watagan Mountains in the suburb of Cooranbong, NSW. Address will be relayed once booking is complete.


Do you have a minimum spend?

No, i don't. You can have any amount of work done no matter how big or small.

There are discounts applied to large orders. This depends on pour ratios. Price will be confirmed at design layouts. It is important to note if choosing a small option, we will only preserve the amount of flowers needed for each order. 


What do you do with the flowers you don't use?

Sometimes we don't preserve the entire bouquet especially if you only have a small order. Left over flowers will sometimes be sprinkled back in the box and returned to you or donated to the local community preschool for arts and crafts.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, there is a $100 deposit required to secure your booking date. This cost is non refundable, however is redeemable off your final booking total.

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