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Pricing Guides

From fresh to forever flower preservations

Resin Art

Classic Arch design small 13x17cm $290.00

Classic Arch design Med 14x21cm $400.00

Classic Arch Design Lrg   16x27cm  $550.00

Wide Arch design small 12x15cm $290.00

Wide Arch design Med 17x20cm $470.00

Wide Arch Design Lrg   21x26cm $600.00

Square Small design 15x15cm $300.00

Square Large design 20x20cm $550.00

Rectangle design 23x14cm      $400.00

  Heart Design 17x17cm $400.00

Standing circle Design19x19cm $550.00

Bookend Set Design 10x13cm $390.00

Serving tray thin various sizes $200.00

Large serving tray various sizes $600.00

Coaster set of 4 $180.00

Trinket tray oval shape  $90.00

Candle Holders round sizes starting at $90.00

Candle holder pillar set $140.000

Ring pointers Small $60.00

Ring Pointers Large $70.00

Ring Holder $60.00

Resin Guides are based off most common pour depth. Prices may vary depending on thickness of flowers and display.

Discount rates apply to orders over $1000.00

Cost displayed are inclusive of gst and the preservation process.

Cost includes vinyl scripting of name and date upon request.

Resin work encapsulates your blooms eternally in a unique display you can cherish forever. Resin used is Australian made A-grade epoxy resin with added UV inhibitors for anti-yellowing. When working with chemicals and natural elements such as flowers, you may experience slight colour change, resin bruising or micro bubbles/bubble release. The outcome of each flower varies depending on condition, age and any pre treatment it may have recieved before coming to studio. Proceeding with Resin services you agree to the nature of change you may experience with this service.

Frame Work

Shadow box frame style 1 50x50cm $450.00

Shadow box frame style 2 50x70cm $550.00

Shadow box style 3 A3 SIZE $350.00

Shadow box frame style 4 A4 $250.00

Shadow box frames are a range of minimal slimline box frames that come in white, black or natural oak.

Frames have matboard boarders to add elegance and class. These frames are fully customisable to suit your style and decor.

Frame work is unique way to display your flowers in artwork perfect for your walls. Frames are Australian made and made to order for a fully bespoke creation. Prices listed are most common frame sizes, however finishes can be customized to suit each home and environment. Flowers undergo a sealing process for colour retention and shape however Please note* Frames are not air tight, over time flowers will change colour and shape. flowers must be kept out of sunlight, breezeways and wet areas as this ages the process at a faster rate. It is common for petals to detach over time. Float frames will also experience colour change and often showcase a vintage earth and brown hues most common with white and light flowers.

Floating frame style 1 50x50cm $600.00

Floating frame style 2 50x70cm $650.00

Floating frame style 3 A3          $500.00

Floating frame style 4 A4         $300.00

Float frames comes in a variety of colours most commonly used is natural oak/white/black

Flaot frames come in a mix of glass and perspex which has a higher uv protection helping aid in the colour fading process.

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