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Perpetual Pressed Frames

Perpetual Pressed Frames

Perpetual Pressed Frame is a new range exclusive to Perpetual Blume. The pressed petals undergo a specialty process delivering a longer lasting colour display without compromise to the natural colour changing process that is to expected from our origional pressed frame service.

The perpetual frames come in 3 frame colours and have the option of either square, arch or no boarder. Frame backings can be changed to black, white or cream. Other colours can be sourced upon request.

Perpetual Frames come in 2 size options

50x70 ( glass dimension) $1,080.00

50x40( glass dimension) $880.00

*Whilst the preserving process promises a longer lasting display of your flowers, there are a few factors that can hinder this process. Not all flowers can undergo this procedure therefore will be left out of the treatment but can still be included in the frame work. Some flowers that have been chemically sprayed prior to being received may have a reaction to the process cutting the lifespan result down. Every step and procedure are in place to minimize or prevent this from happening.

  • Perpetual Frames Disclaimer*

    Not all foliage and flowers can undergo the perpetual process, some flowers may be excluded from this process but can still be added into the design.

    Environmental Factors can hinder the lifespan of frames. Environmental factors can include but are not limited to high humidity environments, direct sunlight and heat sources. Results may vary from bouquet to bouquet as we do not know the chemical history the flowers have been pre exposed to prior to this service being preformed.


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